Smart Automation Solutions for
Banking and
Financial Accounts

Allows account holders to require additional sign-off before a check is paid.

Account holders can specify the payment details of each of their suppliers.

Account holders can require multiple electronic signatures for certain transactions.

An account holding commingled funds in escbox uses a ledger to keep track of ownership.

Bank clients can set automatic actions upon certain events in their accounts.

Account holders get control over what persons with authorized access can and cannot do.

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  • Banks and brokerages protect themselves and their clients against fraud and cyberattacks
  • Multi-owner businesses get unique control features right in their accounts
  • Banks enable commercial clients to implement compliance rules and stop non-compliant payments
  • Banks allow businesses to see their employee expense policies enforced right at transaction time
  • Irregular transactions are stopped when submitted instead of going unnoticed until a reconciliation is done
  • Banks offer commercial accounts with enhanced treasury control solutions
  • Brokerages attract fund management accounts with uniquely targeted features

Enhanced Positive

Enhanced Positive Payee adds a layer of protection to the Positive Payee feature where the client can require an extra signoff for a check payment to go through. This adds protection against fraud by authorized persons.

Know Your

Know Your Client is enforced by all banks. With Know Your Payee bank clients attach banking details to their suppliers. Payments only go through if payee details match the stored information. Clients can require multiple signoffs for modifications to those details. This protects the clients and the bank against payments resulting from cyberattacks of the Business Email Compromise (email spoofing) type.

True Multisignature

The Dual Signatures feature is advertized by many banks but never enforced. With True Multisignature banks get a simple solution to implement this capability. Account holders can require multiple electronic signatures from multiple categories of authorized signers before a transaction on the account is processed, and make it dependent on the amount, the payee and/or the initiator of the transaction. Signoff can also be made dependent on the history of transcations or transaction stats, such as aggregate spending over a period of time, for further protection against fraud.

Smart Escrow

Property managers and law firms alike commingle funds they are holding in escrow when legal. These commingled funds are not fungible and strict rules apply as to how they are handled. Smart Escrow makes it possible to attach a smart ledger to the account with the proper attributions and automatic enforcement of legal transaction rules. Transactions are treated as if done on segragated sub-accounts.

Transaction Automation

With Bloxiom technology, bank or brokerage clients can set and manage actions to be triggered by particular changes in the account. As an example, payment from a particular source can trigger a reallocation of funds to other accounts or investments.

Custom Account

Bloxiom technology enables the implementation of many more custom controls and features by the bank or its clients. Clients can set custom controls for employees in purchasing, for example, and specify the 'what', 'how much' and 'types of purchase'. They can also set aggregate limits on expenses and target zones for authorized expenses. Banks can automatically enforce compliance rules such as preventing payments to black listed entities.


Founder Majed Sidani has 30 years of experience building and managing technology and quantitative research projects in high performance computing, on Wall Street and in his own businesses.